Skills Development Scotland

Skills Development Scotland (SDS) Individual Training Accounts (ITAs) and to be eligble are for people who are 16 or over, living in Scotland and either in low paid work or actively seeking work. You must have an income of £22,000 a year or less, or be on certain benefits to be eligible to get up to £200 towards the costs of learning or training.

You can apply for an ITA if you are not undertaking any secondary, further or higher education, SDS funded training or participating on the Community Jobs Scotland programme.

ITAs are available if you are interested in learning something new or developing an existing skill to support you in work. There is a wide range of courses to choose from and you can study with any ITA approved learning provider, including learning centres, local colleges, universities and private training providers.

To find out more or to apply, visit see links below. Once you have contacted them and completed the online application form they will contact you and also send an email acknowledge of booking to DT, this is when i will ask you to send in proof of earnings see below.

  1. Spaces can only be allocated once ita has been approved including proof of earnings received. Once it has been approved you will recieve an email to let you know you can now book a space or a 1-1. Please check junk /spam boxes if not in your inbox

    Please do not try and book a space before it has been approved!
  2. You only get one course per ITA year, so if your course costs £99 then thats all you will be allocated and you will then reapply the following year
  3. Terms & Conditions for booking using ITA - For any cancellations or date changes - these require 2 weeks notice. If changed within 2 weeks, will incur an admin fee of £45 which you will be invoiced for. Non Attendee's who do not turn up on the day will be invoiced for an admin fee of £45. ITA funded courses are not sent a precourse workbook / Anatomy ref manual with their confirmation email.
  4. Please click here for our course propectus, it gives you all of the courses available for ITA funding.
    Proof of Earnings include:
    • EMPLOYED - last 3 payslips - one should be dated and signed by you
      if no payslips, letter from employer stating name, address and NI number and either last 3 wages, signed & dated by employer and also signed and dated by the applicant

    • BENEFITS - letter of benefit - must be signed & dated by applicant and also include NI if its not shown on the proof.
    • NIL INCOME/NO EARNINGS - a special form to complete will be issued to you by myworldofwork
    • SELF EMPLOYED- copy of latest HMRC self assement, or statement of accounts/earnings from accountant, or letter on business headed paper detailing income, signed date, and include NI Number
  5. Once you have applied for your chosen course - PLEASE NOTE YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL FROM DT - if its not in your inbox please check your spam or junk folder